Top 5 Ways to Reduce Wrinkles without Botox, Restylane, or Other Forms of Insanity

Photo Courtesy of DigitalART2

Photo Courtesy of DigitalART2

Serious Wrinkle Care 101 with Rob Hardwicke, President and Product Master at Awakening Skin Care

Let me start by saying that if you’ve tried injection treatments to reduce your wrinkles, I don’t consider you to be insane. I mean really, who could fault you? I heard a funny comment the other day: “60 is the new 40.” And it’s true. We’re all living longer than ever, and with the advent of new “lifestyle” drugs and supplements, we’re all doing a lot more in our “mature” years. Add to that the cult of youth that has appropriated younger looking older folks for its advertising – making it almost an imperative to be “young” even at 80. Gone are the days of mahjong and gin rummy. These days it’s wind surfing, adventure travel, and Red Bull to keep you going.

While this is pretty unrealistic for the vast majority of aging people in the world, it is something to aspire to. And heck, if you can’t do it, you can at least try to LOOK like you can, right?

Enter the wrinkle-reduction industry, with magical substances, applied in “non-invasive” procedures (you know, like getting a NEEDLE stuck into your FACE), and guaranteed to make you look 20 years younger overnight. Sure, there’s a risk of headache, respiratory infection, flu syndrome, forehead and eyelid drooping, nausea, serious skin rashes, pain, redness, swelling, bruising, bleeding, numbness, muscle weakness, drooling, anaphylactic shock and botulism – not to mention the fact that you may end up with skin like Howdy Doody – but these are small matters compared to the benefits of wrinkle-free skin, right?

Well, maybe not wrinkle-free, exactly. These treatments only work on what’s called “dynamic wrinkles”—the ones that are associated with repetitive movements in your face (that is, your facial expressions). So getting rid of those means your natural facial expressions are either mostly gone or completely gone. Fun. As for the fine lines and jowly lines, those ain’t going anywhere with injections.

Now, does all this mean that you have to just live with wrinkles? Definitely NOT! Wrinkling, in addition to being a natural part of aging, is also a symptom of general skin health. If you improve your skin health, you’re likely to see a reduction in existing wrinkles, and fewer in the future. (Incidentally, better skin health also means healthier skin tone, softer skin, and better elasticity, none of which can be achieved through the use of injections.)

Today I’ll be giving you a list of ways to improve your skin health that are specifically targeted towards reducing wrinkles. The very same advice, however, can be used as a preventative method for folks whose faces have not yet been walked upon by the proverbial Crow. By the way, preventative measures will generally work better in the long run for this kind of skin issue, so get started today!

First, a quick primer on skin aging:

Skin aging is the result of the natural process of collagen hardening and meshing with adjacent collagen fibers. This process makes it harder for collagen to hold water, which in turn makes the skin lose its “plumpness” or elasticity. In the binding process, a kind of fishnet is formed below the surface of the skin, and the skin collapses somewhat, forming the visible manifestation of wrinkles.

One of the primary motors of this process is free radical formation (a.k.a. oxidation).
As skin tissue decays, it loses electrons. Atoms in the skin tissue then attempt to regain their electrical balance by grabbing electrons from nearby atoms. Then THOSE atoms have a deficiency, which means THEY grab electrons from other atoms, and a chain reaction is put into motion, where atoms are changing their structure and forming new bonds that result in the internal changes that lead to wrinkling.

Ready? Okay, we’re off to visit the Wrinkle Wizard.

1. Stop smoking

Like, NOW. The long-term effects of smoking on your skin are VERY well documented and NOT pretty. The fact is, nicotine adds years to your appearance. Each puff of a cigarette introduces over 4000 toxins into the lungs, and causes an body-wide inflammatory reaction. Did you know that the term “smoker’s face” is now a recognized medical term? “Lines or wrinkles that radiate from the corners of the eyes and mouth,” as well as “gauntness,” “prominent bones,” and to top it all off, an “ashen pallor.” Lovely.

Cigarette smoking constricts the blood vessels in the skin, inhibiting its ability to regenerate because of reduced oxygen levels and slower removal of waste products and dead skin cells.

2. Limit your sun exposure

Ever see one of those leathery old surfer dudes or ski instructors? The fact is, sun on skin produces oxidation (see above) at a rate far beyond the natural pace of aging. Protecting your skin from sun exposure starting NOW, when combined with the use of a high-quality antioxidant skin cream (more on that below), will do an enormous amount to reduce your wrinkles. And if you’re in the pre-wrinkle phase, listen up: Forget about a great tan now, and focus instead on all the compliments you’ll be getting on your smooth, wrinkle-free skin when you’re 70!

3. Hydrate your body

Dehydration is a problem worldwide. According to some estimates, over 50% of people in countries with easy access to clean drinking water are nonetheless chronically dehydrated. Here’s a quick test to see if you’re dehydrated. Gently pinch the skin on the back of your hand. If you’re 60 or under, your skin should “bounce” right back into place instantaneously. If it doesn’t (and you don’t have a medical condition predisposing you to loose skin), that means you’re dehydrated.

The skin, unfortunately, takes the worst hit on this, because the available water in your body goes to essential functions in your internal organs. Who wants their heart or their liver to dry up? Over time, dehydration means your skin loses its ability to regenerate properly (i.e., stay young), because it lacks the necessary water to perform ITS basic functioning.

Happily, this one is a no-brainer to fix: Just drink more water! How much? Well, most experts say between 8 and 10 big glasses of water will do wonders for you (if you exercise a lot, you’ll need to drink more). Beyond that, make sure to use skin care products that truly hydrate your skin (see the next tip).

4. Hydrate your skin

There are a lot of “skin moisturizers” out there. The vast majority of them use some oil-based ingredient to achieve this moisturizing. (By the way, mineral oil is one of the worst of these – it’s not “mineral” at all, but a petrochemical that introduces dangerous toxins into the bloodstream.) But the fact is, these products only do half the job. They form a barrier against evaporation from within, which is of course very important, but they don’t put anything into your skin that is actually helping the cells to hydrate. For this, there is one magic ingredient: natural, highly-concentrated potassium.

Potassium is an “essential mineral,” meaning that it is essential to the functioning of the human body. Specifically, potassium regulates the hydration levels of the cells of the body. By including potassium in skin care products, you’re opening a natural pathway to hydration that the body instinctively understands. It makes the cells of the skin receptive to moisture, improving their general function and regeneration.

All of Awakening’s products use an extremely pure, highly concentrated form of potassium that is sourced from the Dead Sea. When isolated and combined with magnesium, a natural skin healer, and various healing plant extracts, you create the conditions for long-term skin health. If you are interested in slowing the aging process of your skin, daily use of a potassium-rich skin cream will do more than any oil-based lotion could ever hope to.

5. Use an antioxidant wrinkle cream

Antioxidants are substances that fight the process of oxidation described above, by terminating free radicals. So if your skin has been subject to high levels of oxidation from smoking, sun exposure, smog, or just the natural long-term effects of aging, using an antioxidant cream can work wonders.

One extremely popular antioxidant these days is CoQ10. CoQ10 has proven to be quite effective both as a supplement and as a topical agent in skin care formulas. But we decided against using CoQ10 in the FACE&NECK formula for two reasons: First, CoQ10 is often made from animal sources, and Awakening is committed to using only 100% mineral and plant based formulas (as well as NEVER testing on animals, ever). Also, we are a small, hands-on company and we’ve built our reputation on creating our own alternative formulas that outperform many of the existing choices on the market. In the case of an antioxidant formula, we felt we could do better than CoQ10.

So in the interest of keeping things close to home, most of our time over the last two years has been focused on developing a fully organic, plant-based antioxidant formula that would have the same or better effects than CoQ10. This has culminated in our recent launch of Awakening FACE&NECK, an antioxidant wrinkle cream which is made using the same Dead Sea mineral base as our other products, but with the addition of Phytoamine Biocomplex™ (PhytoBx™).

PhytoBx is made from a base of ivy, myrrh, grape seed oil and select amino acids, which work together to shield against wrinkles and greatly reduce the effects of aging. FACE&NECK is also the only product in its category to use Yerba Maté, a South American herb that is a popular energizing tea. The combination of Dead Sea potassium and magnesium, PhytoBx, and Maté make this product truly unique. Our customers have been giving us rave reviews, and we’d love your feedback as well.

So, to wrap up, remember:

  • Stop smoking
  • Limit your sun exposure
  • Hydrate your body
  • Hydrate your skin


  • Anti-oxidize!

Your skin will thank you, and so will the rest of you!

If you’d like to try our brand new product, click on the image below to get it at a special introductory price. After our first small batch is gone, we’re going to go up to the full retail price. As always, if you’re not 100% thrilled with this or any of our products, we will cheerfully refund your money, no hassles, no questions asked.



Awakening Mineral Therapies has been hand-crafting unique Dead Sea mineral skin care products for over 15 years. For more information about this and other natural mineral-based skin care remedies, visit Awakening Skin Care at:

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  1. i DO AGREE with all written here. But also think, that if some-one wants to feel better about themselvse, there's nothing wrong to do a small correction, or use botoc, please find out more here:

    I must say Botox is a good thing, and why not feel better about your self if we can.
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  2. Excellent article, well written. Everyone is always looking for fastest solution.

  3. Dead Sea minerals have been some of the best skin care creams ive ever used. Great Stuff.

  4. having Green Tea, applying warm Olive oil in a clockwise motion around the mouth.
    There are lots of creams but few of them are effective esp for those who have sensitive skin.

  5. Organic anti wrinkle creams are quite more much effective and much safer to use because of their natural components.

  6. I agree with you. If you have a choice, it's best to go with organic. The organic certification standards in Israel, where our small lab is located and where we hand-craft our formulas, are still being refined to US and EU standards. Even so, we opt for organic ingredients at every opportunity.

  7. CoQ10 is one of the great resource in anti aging creams, but its not that the benefits of CoQ10 there's a lot more like supplements for cardiovascular problems, merely heart attacks and doctor's prescribed patients to take it after a heart operation because CoQ10 is like an albumin through the heart it will heal the options. CoQ10's availability is an advantage for it has anti oxidants that will help everybody.

  8. Potassium is essential trace mineral. It makes the cells of the skin receptive to moisture, improving their general function and regeneration.

  9. Thanks for your comment. Potassium truly is a vital element for the health of the body. Awakening's hallmark is the use of this hydrating mineral combined with the healing attributes of magnesium. Combined, these wonderful elements of the Earth keep skin healthy.

  10. Thanks for your comment. Potassium truly is a vital element for the health of the body. Awakening's hallmark is the use of this hydrating mineral combined with the healing attributes of magnesium. Combined, these wonderful elements of the Earth keep skin healthy.