“Science of Beauty” for Face and Neck

Comments by Rob Hardwicke, President & Product Master, Awakening Skin Care

Thanks to Oprah, many good things happen.

One of those good things is the public’s growing awareness that “skin health” (another way to say “skin beauty”) is very much within the power of each of us to influence.  Yes, PEOPLE MAGAZINE and US WEEKLY earn their profits by obsessing over a limited number of humans with particularly nice arrangements of basic flesh & bone, but even the hottest of celebrities practice some very basic beauty science ‘rules of the road’ to help Mother Nature in maintaining and enhancing their physical assets.

Oprah’s contribution to the discussion has been through her public support for Mehmet C. Oz, MD, more



typically known as “Dr. Oz“.  And Dr. Oz’s most public claim to fame is his book, YOU: Being Beautiful: The Owner’s Manual to Inner and Outer Beauty — a long title for what usually is known as Dr. Oz’s Beauty Book.

Well, all that said, it just happened that Dr. Oz recently was talking about the importance of antioxidants for the health of skin.  Moreover, the good doctor was emphasizing the facts that the power of antioxidants can be exerted through both internal and external (also known as ‘topical’) means — and that both avenues to healthy, beautiful skin are well within the power of us all to make happen.  Amen, Brother!

Diet and supplements are the best ways for each of us to pursue our ‘internal’ science of beauty program.  But it’s the ‘external’ or topical program that prompts me to write this blog posting.  Everything that we do here at Awakening Skin Care involves in one way or another the power of natural minerals and antioxidants to make skin healthy, happy and beautiful.  To quote Dr. Oz: “The real challenge for us is to show you how to unveil the beauty that I know everybody has.”  Since we founded Awakening in 1994, our company’s passion has been with the impact of cosmeceuticals on skin health and beauty.   Cosmeceuticals are cosmetic/skin care products with biologically active ingredients that can lead to medical-like benefits.

And, like nearly everything else, all cosmeceuticals are not created equally.

So when someone like you or me decides to follow Dr. Oz’s recommendation to take positive steps to find and to use skin care creams, lotions and masques that do the most good for skin health, only the best of cosmeceuticals will do!  Let’s take the neck and the face, for example.  They’re both exposed to the elements and as such, they’re both constantly under attack from little, deranged molecules called “free radicals” (I’ll be blogging more on the topic of free radicals in later postings).  But save to say that it’s the curse of free radicals that underlies the importance of antioxidants coming to the rescue, and for the health of your face and neck, we hand craft a phenomenally effective hydration and antioxidant healing cream called (appropriately), Awakening FACE&NECK.  I feel confident in stating that this luxuriant cream is nothing short of phenomenal because of an all-natural phytoamine biocomplex that we have created from amino acids, key skin-loving vitamins, and extracts such as ivy, myrrh and grapeseed.  The antioxidant value of Awakening’s cream then is enhanced even further through Awakening’s hallmark natural minerals, potassium and magnesium.  We agree with Dr. Oz:  Always think “cruelty-free, vegan, mineral antioxidant creams”.   This will put you one enormous step farther along your path to take control of your skin’s health and its natural beauty.

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