Mineral Makeup – What’s All the Fuss About?

Photo courtesy of annia316

Photo courtesy of annia316

Serious Skin Care 101 with Rob Hardwicke, President and Product Master at Awakening Skin Care.

At Awakening, Dead Sea cosmetics (or “cosmeceuticals”) – including lotions, creams, and other mineral skin care products like our Dead Sea mud masque – are our “raison d’être.” We have built our company on the idea (and the proof) that skin care products formulated with natural, high-quality, concentrated minerals (and particularly certain “building-block” minerals like potassium and magnesium) will do more to give you radiant, blemish-free skin than anything else available on the market, period. (If you don’t believe me, take a look at our customer testimonials (link to testimonials)).

So we’re understandably thrilled about the rising popularity of mineral makeup over the last few years. You’ve probably been hearing alot about mineral makeup, and when you look at their benefits, it’s not hard to understand why the buzz has been so positive. When you compare them to conventional makeup, it’s pretty hard to make the argument that you shouldn’t make the switch. Like, NOW. So today I’m going to take a look at some of the big reasons you should consider trying mineral cosmetics (and while you’re at it, Dead Sea skin care products (link to products) in general), and give you a better idea why so many people are behind this new movement in cosmetics.

If you’re pressed for time, here’s the short version. After a glance at the bullet points, read on for more detailed information.

The Short Version

  • Mineral makeups use color sources that are entirely natural and free of dangerous chemicals or other toxic substances
  • Mineral makeup is non-comedogenic (won’t block pores)
  • Risk of allergic reaction is very low. Good quality mineral makeups are tested for sensitivity
  • Ingredients provide natural UVB and UVA protection – usually ranges from 15-20
  • Mineral content can have anti-inflammatory properties, meaning it will not only NOT aggravate sensitive skin, but will actually soothe it
  • Mineral makeup is typically quite water resistant
  • Mineral cosmetics are made of inorganic materials, meaning they’re impervious to bacteria
  • Mineral makeup companies tend to be more environmentally and socially aware, and their products are almost never tested on animals

The Long Version (no extra charge)

First let’s talk about color. Women often use makeup to even skin tone and add color to their complexions, but conventional makeup usually contains less than 10 percent pigment. The remaining 90 percent comes from some of the worst ingredients in skin care (link to 12 worst skin care ingredients article), like coal tar, petrochemicals, synthetic preservatives, fillers, and even lead and aluminum, which are both neurotoxins linked to Alzheimer’s Disease and other very serious degenerative conditions.

This is absurd, of course, because all the while, the same colors can be found abundantly – and naturally –  in the earth’s minerals. Why put toxins on your skin when better quality colors come right out of the earth?

Next, mineral makeup is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog pores. In mineral makeup, the microscopic mineral crystals overlap, allowing the skin to breathe naturally. This single fact makes mineral makeup a suitable choice for sensitive and acne prone skin types, as well as for women who struggle with rosacea and dry skin.

And as if that weren’t compelling enough, two of mineral makeup’s main ingredients — zinc oxide and titanium dioxide — create a natural sunscreen for the skin. Further, zinc, magnesium, and other minerals have anti-inflammatory properties, actually making mineral makeup GOOD for the complexion. Can you imagine? Wearing makeup that actually heals and tones the skin? Many of our customers use Awakening Dead Sea mineral skin care products as a way to hydrate and heal their skin after using harsh makeups. Imagine how beautiful their skin would be if they combined our products with a great line of mineral makeup!

In addition to all of the benefits listed above, mineral makeup doesn’t breed bacteria. Typical advice for conventional makeup is to throw it away after one year, because it can become contaminated with bacteria that causes nasty eye and skin infections. But because most of the ingredients used in mineral makeup are inorganic, bacteria and microbes cannot contaminate the makeup and cause skin infections. The fact that the ingredients are inorganic also means that preservatives don’t need to be included – the products have a naturally long shelf life, all on their own.

Mineral makeup companies also tend to be more environmentally and socially aware, and their products are rarely tested on animals. As you may know, we have never, ever tested Awakening Skin Care products on animals, and we never will. In this day and age, blinding rabbits just so we won’t burn our eyes using mascara is unacceptable.

High quality natural skin care products and cosmetics adhere to those ideals by paying as much attention to what stays out of the products as what goes into them. Still, you should always check the ingredient list on any product before making a purchase. The list should contain minerals and not a lot of fillers or preservatives. Powders and dry products should contain 100 percent minerals. In moist products like mineral lip stick or mineral mascara, minerals might be combined with natural preservatives like vitamin E.

You can also check to see if a product is really mineral-based by running a little test: Because mineral makeup is naturally water resistant, when you apply a bit of the makeup to the top of your hand and run it under water, the makeup should stay on. To gather more information about the potential environmental and personal health risks from the personal care products you use everyday and to learn about safer options check out The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

So try some mineral makeup and send us your feedback. You never know, one day we might just use our know-how in the mineral skin care world to come out with a line of cosmetics!

Awakening Mineral Therapies has been hand-crafting unique Dead Sea mineral skin care products for over 15 years. For more information about this and other natural mineral-based skin care remedies, visit our main site at: www.awakeningskincare.com

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  1. Acne is the most common problem in teenage. It occurs due to excess of oil produced in sebaceous gland. Apart from above mentioned methods of treatment (which are very good), she should wash face 2-3 times daily & try to avoid oily food. This will definately help a lot.