Hate Skin Care? Awakening’s Different.

by Robert Hardwicke, President & Product Master, Awakening Mineral Skin Care

There are thousands and thousands of people who detest what they feel to be the slimy, sticky, oily sensations that the application of skin care products provoke.  “Hate” typically is a word that I shun, but it’s a word that a very large number of people employ to express graphically their unvarnished opinion about hand creams, body lotions and the like.  One thing’s for certain, it definitely ain’t “Love” of skin care about which they’re talking!

Hate Skin Care? Love Skin Care?

I just read an article by Martin Lieberman, managing editor the community program at www.constantcontact.com,  in which he highlighted comments by senior associate dean and chair of the MBA program at Harvard Business School, Professor Youngme Moon.  Prof. Moon states that most businesses feel their products or services are profoundly different (read: “better”) from those of their competitors (most thinking that what they do or make or provide is FAR superior to the utter schlock pumped out by their competitors), yet the fact of the matter is that most consumers can’t discern ANY difference at all.  For example, “hand cream is hand cream — no big deal”.  Hence, the consumers holding this opinion most often opt for just about anything on the shelf — could be the least expensive; could be the most expensive (more expensive things are always better, aren’t they?).  …and the folks who ‘hate’ hand cream just don’t ever opt for anything at all, regardless of what they may or may not see as a difference between products.

Professor Moon explained at a recent conference on social networking and marketing in Boston (http://event.inboundmarketingsummit.com/boston/) that the majority of companies sadly are “afraid to be different” because it involves taking a risk in setting themselves alone from the pack and possibily setting themsevles up as a target.  Recommendations for how to differentiate one’s company’s products from another’s included such things as 1) Embrace the negative (don’t be affraid to say something that people may not like so long as it’s true, 2) Resist the temptation to “over-listen” to customers (because customers quite often say that your company or your products simply should be more like someone else’s), and 3) Have an idea of how you will be (or are) different.

“Difference often comes from passion,” Prof. Moon noted, adding: “if you can authentically communicate your passion or why you do what you do, then you can set yourself and your business apart.  After all, passion is magnetic and contagious.”

My point with this post is that if the “contagion” of passion augurs any value in the marketplace for a company, then our company, www.awakeningskincare.com, ought to be the equivalent of a viral disease! — that’s how different we work to be!  In fact, we have always considered ourselves to be the “skin care for people who hate skin care“!   We think that statement is a very positive “negative”.  But to sidestep that very disagreeable word, “hate“, we usually frame the statement as being that Awakening products are the “skin care for people who detest skin care”.

And it’s true: Thanks to the hallmark of Awakening’s formulations being our use of naturally hydrating potassium and healing magnesium isolated from the mineral crystals of the Dead Sea in Israel, our products absorb rapidly into the skin (more specifically, this is something that they do within exactly 40 seconds of when you apply the cream).  This means that they end up in the skin rather than on the skin — and therefore, because they’re ‘in’ and not ‘on’, they don’t feel greasy, slimy, oily or any other of those skin care negatives.

So, go ahead and “hate” skin care products all you want, but just use Awakening’s products anyway.  Your skin, of course, will be eternally grateful to you — and you never even need to confess to anyone that you’ve caved in and are using skin care products after all.  Awakening Mineral Skin Care apparently was an early-adopted of Prof. Moon’s suggestion to “embrace the negative“!

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