Flash 24-Hour Sale on June 8th — “Body’s for Father’s Day”

In honor of our female staff here at Awakening this month, we’re having a Flash Sale on June 8, 2012 for 24 Hours Only on Awakening “BODY“.  AnyBODY.

Give Dad a Gift of BODY for Father's Day!"Body" — just in time for Father's Day gifts for the men in their lives.

Over the past 15 years as Awakening Mineral Skin Care’s product master, I’ve observed just how poorly underserved men are in the world of skincare.  Body care products for men traditionally has been dirt cheap concoctions of petrolatum, lanolin and mineral oils — or wildly expensive derivatives of pretty much the same stuff — both offering the romantic allure of a greased pig contest to the ladies they love.

Aromas haven’t been much better — unless you are in love with a musk ox.

The alternatives for men are those white, goopy creams to prevent awful sunburns.


Like most men, I spent years avoiding the horror of following my wife down that skincare and cosmetics aisle, turned off by the prices and promises.  There were products to change skin color, and others to make your eyelashes so long they’d scrape the film off the inside of your sunglasses.

As product master, I wanted to create not only top-of-the-line, natural mineral skincare to hydrate and heal skin, but also textures that weren’t slimey and natural scents that us men might find tolerable.  Not accidentally, our “manly” scents of cinnamon, ginger, myrrh and spices actually attract the women who love us.


Our “Awakened” women staffers tell me they find their husbands sharing their Awakening “BODY” (lotion) because it doesn’t leave their skin sticky and the scent is not “girly-girl”.  We even made an unscented version just to make the choice easy.

For women who love their men’s bodies, now they can prove it by giving a healthy, naturally scented gift to keep their men sensual and luscious to the touch: BODY’s on sale until midnight, Friday, June 8th (PDT) so we can get it shipped to you and your guy in time for Father’s Day on June 17th.

Use the Discount Code “DadBody” when you check out on the shopping cart at our online store at www.awakeningskincare.com.

A few facts:

    Vegan skincare.  Never tested on animals.  Contains no animal ingredients.
    Contains no mineral oils.  Paraben-free
    Noncomedogenic — safe for facial use.  Great for skin anywhere on the body!  (and we do mean “anywhere”).
    6.7-oz/200ml size provides 3 months or more of nose-to-toes
More details on the purchase page.
And remember: As with almost every Awakening product, apply the cream in single, pearl-sized drops.  It’s concentrated stuff.  Applying more isn’t a problem, but it’s wasteful!


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