Farewell & ‘Thank You’ to Elephant Pharm

Elephant Pharm is gone.  This natural pharmacy will be missed in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We all try to take those extra steps to keep our bodies and skin healthy, and to do it naturally.  Sadly, one of the best, first prototype commercial efforts in America towards that natural goal passed from the scene on February 4th when Berkeley, CA-based Elephant Pharmacy decided to liquidate all of its operations under Chapter 7 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. Rats!!

All of us at Awakening Skin Care are saddened by this loss.  We lost a retailer who was a strong advocate of the good that Awakening’s mineral skin care products lent to the health of skin, and Elephant Pharm’s customers lost a novel way to chat with credentialled health care consultants who bridged the divide between western and eastern medicines and practices; between chemical pharmaceuticals and natural, chemical-free alternative solutions.

Of course, the cause is not completely lost, since the Pharmaca chain of 23 stores is still waging the good fight.  Until Pharmaca can begin offering its own patrons the non-greasy healing goodness of our Awakening products — Awakening HANDS, Awakening FEET, Awakening SKIN, and Awakening BODY&MASSAGE — we welcome all who are interested in the natural health of their skin to visit us at https://www.awakeningskincare.com

I want to wish all of our former friends & advocates on the staffs of Elephant Pharm’s Berkeley, San Rafael, Walnut Creek and Los Altos stores every best future opportunity to keep working on behalf of better, more natural health for Americans.   — Rob Hardwicke, President & Product Master, Awakening Mineral Therapies for Healthy Skin

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