Dog Handlers’ Healthy Hands & Feet

Comments by Rob Hardwicke.

Dog handlers (let alone trainers, breeders, groomers, walkers and owners), whether they’re involved with the family dog or with working dogs, are willingly exposed to all kinds of extreme weather and rigorous working & show conditions in order to achieve the excellence they desire of themselves and their dogs. There are no shortcuts to competing and performing seriously and safely, only professionalism and perseverance.

The reason I’m blogging on this topic is because I’ve been encouraged to do so by dog professionals and pet owners who are totally pleased with the relief I’ve provided to them.  For instance, Dr. Carmen Battaglia, AKC director, internationally-recognized judge and noted author of books and articles on the subjects of dog behavior, breeding, training and showing is a fan and advocate of how the natural products that we formulate for hands and feet help him with his work.  The care he gives his dogs is world-class, but he also takes great care of himself, too (which is why he can do the long hours of standing without tired feet or the handling & grooming without hands that are wrecked).  Click here for specifics that are cruelty-free, vegan and totally non-greasy.

Happy hands = Better handling

Happy hands = Better handling

If you are a handler, you already know and understand the challenges — and you know that it’s all worth it:

• Dog groomers have water-soaked hands with stressed, red irritated skin;

• Kennel techs wash hands all day to keep from spreading illness and bacteria;

• Professional dog walkers walk nonstop out-of-doors, click on & off 20 to 50 leashes per day, throw balls, grab collars and key into 10 to 20 houses twice daily. (Not to mention the picking up of serious quantities of dog droppings);

• Good owners of pet dogs will walk the dog twice a day come rain or shine — let alone after a really hard day at work;

• Search & rescue people practicing tracking and scent detection work out in nature for days. And then comes the “for real” work at a disaster site which may require weeks on end;

• Schutzhund handlers train out in the field tracking and doing obedience during rain, wind, snow and every imaginable condition — A LOT;

• Hunters with field labs and retrievers are almost always wet, cold, hot or tired;

• Herders who tend to cattle, sheep & goats with their dogs are about as weather beaten as a human can be. And herders who herd for a living camp continually;

• Dog show competitors travel extensively and end up holding training lines and leashes all day, which is tough on hands (and feet). Then there’s the carrying of heavy crates around airports and into and out of vans;

• Agility people run all over the course endlessly;

• Police dogs pull forcefully on lines during aggression work;

• And mushers suffer big-time in the cold (and heat), holding those lines and putting dogs into and out of harnesses and boots — over and over.

Bottom line: Dog handlers pay their own physical price for their devotion to their dogs. The hands and feet of dog people suffer unquestionably more than most. Relieving that suffering might even make the difference between second place and first, but I sure can’t guarantee that.   What I can guarantee is that hands and feet will be happier and in better shape by the end of the day — something we back up with our reputation and our money, no questions asked.

Dog handlers and breeders have become some of our most outspoken advocates. The feedback received frequently is that handlers with healthy hands & feet (read this as meaning no dry, chafed or cracked fingers & palms or soles & heels) are happier and more productive. Furthermore, the natural aromas that we use are subtle and don’t offend dog sensibilities (or those of their humans, for that matter).

For instance:

Dr. Battaglia puts it succinctly: “I recommend Awakening Hands because it works.”

For 14 years now, Awakening’s products have been finding wider and wider markets with dog (and horse) trainers simply by word-of-mouth. Laurie Page in Northern California has been one of those friends who tells friends: “Awakening is a schutzhund trainer’s delight.  You have sore feet?  You won’t after this.”

Whether you’re working a lead, mucking out a kennel or giving an ‘atta-dog’ heartfelt canine compliment (most often in the form of a biggggg hug), getting skin protection for yourself that stays focused on healing and hydrating isn’t a bad idea.  No greasiness or stickiness — and no “frou-frou” aromas. Healthy happy hands. Healthy happy feet.  Even happier handlers and trainers.  Just click here for more information.

Cruelty-free. Vegan. Totally natural minerals. Entirely slime-free. Concentrated & lasting.  And although my team and I almost for sure have a less physically demanding line of work than just about any dog handler — we, too, work hard to do what we do professionally and to do it right.

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