Awakening Wednesday! Muddy Dead* Spooky Goop

By Robert Hardwicke, President & Product Master, Awakening Mineral Skin Care

Halloween approaches as I post this blog.  Since so much of what Awakening does is linked to the Dead Sea, “Dead” seems like an appropriate topic for Halloween!

Dead Sea mud face

The Bloggert "Mudded-Up" — Before His Morning Coffee!

While most bodies are buried only 6-feet deep, the Dead Sea is far deeper at 1,292 feet (or, for our friends in metric areas: 394 m) below sea level ( a zombie would have one heck of a time digging itself out of a grave this deep!).  And, if we were to drain all the water from the Dead Sea, the seabed floor would be a whopping 2,600 ft (800 m) below the level of the world’s oceans.  This ernormous pit is an extension of the Great Rift Valley up from eastern Africa and its impact on the world has been to create a gargantuan, hyper-salty mud puddle!

So, for Halloween, I encourage everyone to splatter the mud of this great puddle all over their faces, step out into public, scare a few people, then retreat to your home to see what has happened to your skin when the mud’s removed.

Mud is good!  As we all learned when we were two years old, mud is fun to play in and is especially wonderful to splat all over the face, and, if your mother didn’t move fast enough — all over your entire body!  Mud from the Dead Sea lends a pleasantly spooky aura to one’s presence.   It’s tactilely goopy, and if extracted from the proper locations, it also stinks (but of course, we have ways to neutralize the stench quite naturally into a virtual bouquet of gardenias)!

Go ahead: Mud Up!  Maybe even send me a photo or two of what you — kid, adult or adult-kid — look like!  For those of your who enjoy the learning process more if there’s a little humor added in, I recommend that you take the time to study

The blogger AFTER mudding-up AND his morning coffee!

Mike & Mitch’s What Now Wacky Workshop on YouTube cute “treatise” on the Dead Sea’s salinity.  You might even be quizzed about what you learn later!   [Why is it that all the people I know named “Mitch” fit so well into the Wacky Workshop motif?  Maybe that’s why I prefer to know them!].

Oh, and before I forget, the asterisk on the word “Dead” in this posting’s title is there for a reason.  The Dead Sea is not dead.  In a later posting, I’ll talk about Archaea — a recently discovered domain system of Bactertia doing rather good things whilst living happily in environments so salty that everything else trying to live there, too, is, well… dead!

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