Awakening Wednesday — Coffee & You!

By Rob Hardwicke, Product Master, Awakening Mineral Skin Care

Green coffee extract?  I’ve made posts in the past about the benefits of coffee.  Coffee seems a little like red wine — something both new & good about it always

Coffee enjoys many great applications. We use if for hand health. Now the word is that you can lose weight. Frankly, I use it to stay awake!

keeps popping up in the news.

Now Dr. Oz has come across news that green coffee extract works to help the body lose weight.

I’m not inclined to promote weight loss products & programs, but I think it’s worth passing along news that could be as good as this.  Who wouldn’t be interested in a weight-loss opportunity that entails almost no physical exersion?  Just open your mouth.  I can do that!  The news report indicates that Dr. Oz had two of his viewers give green coffee extract a try over a five-day period.  One lady lost 2 pounds and the other lost six.

Since our company formulates a therapeutic hand cream called Awakening Espresso HANDS using coffee extract, maybe we should be in touch with Dr. Oz, too!  But we use the coffee extract because it is an antioxidant for the skin.  In our case, we hope that the extract does not cause the hands to lose weight.  Boney fingers are too quickly associated with the wicked witch in Hansel & Gretel — Hansel didn’t get eaten because the witch mistook a chicken bone for Hansel’s finger — “too scrawney to eat!”, she concluded.

But it’s no fairy tale that coffee extract is good for your skin.  Many happy patrons of our espresso hand cream can atest to that fact.  As for the weight-loss capacity of coffee extract, the jury may still be out.

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