Awakening Wednesday — Awakening the West

By Rob Hardwicke, Product Master, Awakening Mineral Skin Care

It’s no secret that a great number of horesepeople truly like what we formulate at Awakening Mineral Skin Care because we give relief — big time relief —  for hands and feet that have been ravaged from horse grooming and stable mucking!  In particular, Awakening HANDS provides healing and hydrating relief for mangled mitts using natural mineral, essential oil and botanical extract ingredients.

shane knight gallery horse image

"Walking Tall" by Shane Knight Gallery, Flagstaff, AZ

Because of Awakening’s special relationship with the equestrian community, we want to thank our many fans by giving away an extraordinary metallic/sepia photograph, “Walking Tall,” by noted landscape and western horse photographer, Shane Knight.  This beautiful image was captured on film at the Triangle X Ranch in Wyoming in 2005.

Becoming part of the Awakening community is simple.  We’d welcome the opportunity to stay in touch with you as a fan of our Facebook page ( or a follower with us on Twitter (  We aim to provide useful, practical information over time about why the use of natural skin care products in general, and potassium and magnesium skin care products in particular are so helpful for skin health and an active, western lifestyle.

“Walking Tall” not only presents a head-on perspective of a truly majestic creature, but captures the grandeur of snow-capped mountains and an expansive plain.   I recommend that you visit to savor the full breadth of Shane’s remarkable wardrobe of tradtional darkroom film images.

We work hard at Awakening to provide handcrafted formulations using natural ingredients.  Likewise, we thoroughly appreciate the painstakenly handcrafted workmanship that is the hallmark of Shane Knight’s mastery of the photographic image.




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