Awakening Wednesday — Potassium & Your Skin

By Rob Hardwicke, President & Product Master, Awakening Mineral Skin Care

In the nearly 20 years that we’ve been formulating Awakening mineral skin care products, many things have changed — we’ve

Potassium source

Yes, bananas have lots of potassium. So do oranges & apricots. But what a mess when you try to spread these on the skin! (Anyhow, who wants to smell like a banana)?

moved our office three times and our lab twice; we’ve changed our label colors, marketing  copy and half of our packaging; we’ve evolved through three versions of our web store software (with trauma incurred on each move); we’ve added 4 products and have dropped one.  But one thing that hasn’t changed is the preoccupation with our formulation hallmark: Our use of highly concentrated natural magnesium and potassium in every one of our products.

Potassium is a mineral we cannot live without – of course, we can’t live with too much of it, either.  How many times have you heard of someone on a ‘low potassium diet’?  Most likely, quite a few.

So, if potassium is a mineral for or against which doctors prescribe vast amounts of medicine in order to reduce or increase body concentrations, why would anyone want it in their skin care creams, lotions and balms?

First, if someone is on a low potassium diet, there is no quantifiable risk in their using a topically applied potassium-rich skin cream.  You can’t effectively dose the body with potassium transdermally by just applying a cream to the skin.  What you can do, however, is improve the health of your skin by means of each such application.  Whereas the cream’s dose is too small to make a difference on the body’s potassium readings, it is concentrated enough to make the skin itself a lot healthier.

This is a MUCH easier form of applying much-needed potassium to the skin.

If your potassium level in the skin declines, the skin has trouble regulating the amount of water in its cells.  Dry skin ensues.  Potassium is vital for maintaining a proper moisture and pH balance in the skin.  As molecules go, potassium molecules are large, which affects its absorabability through and into the skin.   Considerable work has been done with the creation of nanoparticles of 40 nm or less in diameter to increase absorabability.  While our company has not embraced the use of nanoparticles for a variety of reasons, we nonetheless have achieved better potassium absorption.  Try any one of our mineral skin therpapy creams and the silkiness and superlative hydration speak volumes.   The use of natural potassium chloride, combined with magnesium chloride — both sourced and isolated from the minerals of the Dead Sea, is the hallmark of every one of our products.

Hypokalemia is the condition brought about by low levels of potassium internally.  Excellent dietary sources of potassium are bananas, apricots, and oranges – typically foods with vivid orange and yellow colors.



* * *

Awakening Mineral Skin Care is a boutique formulator of natural, vegan skin care products utilizing concentrated mineral crystals isolated from the Dead Sea, essential oils and botanical extracts.  With only a few exceptions, we call our products by what they do: Awakening HANDS treats hands, Awakening FEET treats feet, Awakening BODY treats bodies, Awakening SCALP treats scalps — you get the idea.  However Awakening MUDFace is mud for the face (and feet!) — so, as with 9th grade English, there are always exceptions to every rule!

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