Awakening Wednesday — “Big Fat Greek” (Dog?) Skincare

By Rob Hardwicke, Product Master, Awakening Mineral Skin Care

Anyone who was alive in 2002 likely has some fond recollection of the hit movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  One of mine was the

Awakening mineral skin care for hot spots and flea bites

Satisfied Awakening Customers Come in All Shapes & Sizes (and Breeds?)!

use of Windex glass cleaner as the perfect, all-purpose remedy for all ailments.  Have a zit?  Spray it with Windex and it’ll be gone by tomorrow.  Rheumatism?  Tired feet?  Gum on the carpet?  Sunburn?  Night sweats?  No problem!  Just a spritz or two and the problem’s vanquished!

An avid consumer & supporter of Awakening recently caught my attention with her declaration, “Awakening’s my Windex“!   She was worried, however, that I might be upset with her comparing our cherished boutique skin care formulations with a household cleanser.  Far from it!  To me, it was a glowing compliment — our hallmark formulations of natural potassium and magnesium, essential oils, herbs and extracts are the equivalent for her of a panacea!

We know from customer feedback that people are happy with Awakening HANDS to deal with everything from cracked fingers and chapped skin to eczema patches.  They’re happy with Awakening FEET to boost peripheral circulation, soothe sore feet and zero-out even the most vile case of ‘boot aroma’!  Massage therapists love Awakening BODY as an idea massage medium for deep tissue work — high viscosity, won’t clump or cling to body hair, won’t stain sheets or clothing!  Our Awakening MUDFace masque exfoliates dead cells, detoxifies and hydrates, whether it’s applied to the face or the feet — body parts where it indeed is applied by at least one 5-star destination spa.

Yes, our friend was using Awakening as her “Windex” on all of the usual ‘destination’ problems.  But the point she especially wanted to make with me was that Awakening Skin Care also qualified for “gold stars” in the veterinary “Windex” category!

The family pooch had had a history of allergies and  irritations, and the resulting annual vet bill was in excess of a thousand bucks.  Well, now for about $30 in our natural mineral skin care formulations, the dog was leading a serene, itch-free existence — and the vet bill had dropped to nearly zip.  Wow!  We’ve always been proud of our “cruelty-free” status based on the fact that we don’t test our products on animals — and I sure don’t think we’re jeopardizing our bragging rights with the fact that we now have a poodle, Pom or pug as a satisfied ‘patron’!  “‘Hot spots?’ — we use HANDS“, our customer stated.  “Flea bites?” — reach for the FEET!

The truth of the matter is that Mother Nature equipped most of us mammals with skin.  So, what we do here at Awakening with that skin is a really, really good job of combining natural ingredients to make skin healthy and happy — whether it happens to be draped over one of my nephews, the neighbors two ravines removed from our homestead, or a pedigreed Belgian Malinois!

I now can report to Awakening’s shareholders that our natural, mineral skin care products have gone to the dogs!

(And profitably at that)!

Move over, Windex!

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