Awakening Wednesday — Barn Work

By Rob Hardwicke, President & Product Master, Awakening Mineral Skin Care

Skin care for the barn?  You bet!  When we’re designing the specifications for how an Awakening product is to perform on the skin, we keep a keen eye on the types of folks we envision using the product.

Winter Barn Work & Healthy Hands ARE Possible!

Horses and the people of care for them are a big interest of ours.  That’s not to say that other farm animals and the people who tend to them are not of interest to us.  It’s just that folks on the equestrian side of the equation have always been supportive of the types of skin care products Awakening specializes is making.

Grooming horses and mucking out stalls is not for the faint hearted.  Then, when winter cold and dry winds are added to the scene, the impact on humans can be harsh.   One horseperson who’s always been straightforward and gracious in letting Awakening know what’s on her mind is Mary Copus.   As I write today’s post, the U.S. is engulfed in storms coast to coast.  This morning, Mary posted this comment on Awakening’s facebook page: “I sit by the fireplace after being in the barn and my hands are freezing.  I put [Awakening] HANDS on and rub my hands in the heat of the fire.  It’s truly amazing how healing HANDS is.  Warm, soft hands in minutes.  Never sticky or greasy and the burning from the cold stops instantly.”

We couldn’t pay for comments like that!  At the heart of Mary’s satisfaction is our use of concentrated magnesium and potassium isolated from the minerals of the Dead Sea.  We use both minerals to hydrate and heal all skin, whether or not it’s been abused by barn work!  Awakening welcomes horsepeople at visit our facebook page.  To join the conversation, just click here!

PS.  Awakening FEET is pretty awesome, too.  And, yes, if you’re working on hooves, it does draw blood (to the hoof — not from you!).  A few other (non-Awakening) tips in the hoof & leg department:  Corn starch is great to whiten socks, and a lot less expensive than French chalk.  Arm & Hammer toothpaste is handy to clean face markings and white socks, and then to get a nice shine, use a little baby oil instead of artificial hoof polish.

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