Awakening Wednesday — Anti-Aging may be New but a Cure is Old as Dirt!

By Rob Hardwicke, President & Product Master, Awakening Mineral Skin Care

HERE’S MUD IN YOUR EYE” — Strange words!  This typically now is a toast to someone’s health that seems to have come into common usage during World War I as an in-the-trenches, tongue-in-cheek greeting of health between soldiers, and which most likely originated through Christian Scripture in John 9:6-7, when Jesus mixed his spittal with mud to

Mud in your face

Mud in Your Face!

apply to the eyes of a man born blind, who, after cleansing his face in the Pool of Siloam, could see.  Not at all a bad outcome.

Well, all of us at Awakening learned long ago that putting our products in the eye was NOWHERE close to pleasant, given the high concentration of natural chloride salt crystals we use that are extracted from the Dead Sea.  So, when it came to naming Awakening’s unique formulation of Dead Sea mud mixed with extracts of chamomile, tea tree, myrrh and other costly ingredients, we definitely did not call it “mud-in-your-eye” or even “MUDEye” (even though the latter was borderline cute because it sounded like ‘muddy”).

Instead, we chose MUDFace, which had no Scriptural basis whatsoever, and really was quite close to less-than-affirmative folk sayings like “he ended up with mud (or, alternatively, “egg”) on his face”, we still thought it said it all.  Mud for the face: MUDFace (although I personally use it on my feet).  This is the same branding philosophy we used with our other products: Awakening HANDS for the hands, Awakening FEET for the feet, Awakening BODY for the body — we didn’t want to leave much for the imagination as to what to do with each of our products!  Say it like it is — that’s us!

Wrinkling and aging come (all too naturally) from the hardening and binding or meshing of collagen with adjacent collagen.  Hydration declines.  Wrinkles form.  Oxidants in the air disrupt the electron balance of the tissue molecules, accelerating aging.  People pay vast dollars in search of a cure!  They don’t have to.

One curative ingredient is as old as dirt because it is dirt: The mud of the Dead Sea.  The mud itself is awesome.  Awakening just makes it better.  Awakening MUDFace exfoliates, detoxifies and aids healing and health of the skin.  As with all other Awakening products, we offer a no-questions-asked “guaranteed to delight” commitment.   No Like?  Then No Pay!


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