Awakening U.S. Army “Dark Knights” in Iraq

A note from Rob Hardwicke, President and Product Master at Awakening Mineral Therapies.

"Dark Knights" in Iraq

Awakening for "Dark Knights" in Iraq

One of the nice things about making mineral skin care products that are designed for the rough & tumble of life is that they are suitable for just about everyone who has hands, feet — or simply skin — and that they’re easy to pack up and mail to people who really need them — such as our U.S. Army troops in Iraq.

The “Dark Knights” hailed from California, and since we’re a California corporation, we were sympathetic to a request from a group of kind-hearted citizens from the Carmel, CA area called the “Preservists” who wished to send a care package to Iraq to make life a little better for the Knights.  Included in that package were many tubes of Awakening HANDS and Awakening FEET — natural, ‘industrial strength’ healing power for totally abused hands and aching, boot-weary feet — serious skin care — very serious.

Back from Iraq came this comment from Cpt. David V. Schulz, MIL USA FORSCOM:  “We absolutely love these products — they give us a “pampered” feeling despite the harsh living and working conditions we are in.”

Sure, if you’re stuck in a desert environment half way around the world from your home, probably just about anything received at mail-call will make you feel better, but the Knights did us an even bigger favor.  They have provided one more data point to demonstrate that Awakening’s creams are not just another one of the mango-scented lotions or creams from the mall — creams whose main claim to fame is that they ‘protect’ the skin (and protection is what the Dark Knights understand, since their sole mission is to protect us and our freedom).  What soldier wants to be slipping around in his/her combat boots?  Or have blowing sand and dust cling to a slimy pair of mango-scented hands?

The reasons the Dark Knights liked our products are the same reasons why Dead Sea based Awakening skin care is the first choice of so many ranchers, nurses, horse riders, bikers, gardeners, dog trainers, teachers and artisans: Our concentrated natural minerals absorb into the skin, aren’t slimy, aren’t stinky and flat-out heal.

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