Awakening Haitian Support

By Rob Hardwicke, Awakening President & Product Master

All of us at Awakening Mineral Skin Care have a shared goal to be a force for good.  We have joined with the Sirona Cares Foundation of San Francisco, CA to lend support in Haiti (although our efforts may differ from singer Wyclef Jean’s run for President of Haiti).

The tragedy of the January 2010 earthquake has not gone away simply because the 24-hour news cycle has redirected its attention elsewhere; there is every bit as much to be done to give the Haitian people hope now as there was when the world from Haiti’s perspective started to crumble.  Sirona Cares was already there helping to pave a brighter future in that Caribbean country when the earthquake struck, and they haven’t let up on their efforts since then.

The old saying goes: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.   Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. The reason why Awakening chose to support the Sirona Cares Foundation is predicated on this same concept.  Their approach is economic development in Haiti by creating an economy based on responsible biofuel farming.  Not only are people able to support themselves with a decent living, but the fruits of their efforts are a biofuel to displace refined petroleum, as well as a seed cake that can be pressed into a charcoal source that eliminates the need for continuous de-forestation.

The nexus of Sirona’s program in Haiti is Jatropha, a drought resistant plant that grows on marginal land.  It is the seed of the Jatropha plant that yields the economic and environmental value.  All of Sirona Cares’ programs are run by in-country community leaders, and the Foundation does not create its own schools or orphanages, but works to support and enhance facilities already existing in the country.  Micro loans are funded to initiate the farming of Jatropha with the vision of ultimately achieving sustainable farming communities.

Awakening is contributing $3.00 from the sale of every tube of Awakening LIL’ FEET from, our 1.75oz pocket/purse-sized, travel-friendly, TSA-acceptable balm for aching, over-trod, and possibly miasmic lower appendages (also known as “feet”, “hoofs”, “dogs” and who knows what else) everywhere.  This is a continuing commitment by Awakening in support of Sirona Cares.

What does a $3 contribution do?  $3 will buy 60 Jatropha seeds.  $3 will feed 6 children for a day.  $3 can mean the difference between the presence or absence of hope.  Awakening LIL’ FEET is not only good for your skin, but allows Awakening Mineral Skin Care to do good for the world, too.

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